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About 'China Knowledge'

  • World’s largest provider of research, quants and alternative ratings on China’s A-shares, Private Exchanges’ listed companies and loan products. 


  • World’s biggest supplier to financial terminals including Bloomberg, S&P Capital IQ,  Refinitiv, Dow Jones Factiva and licensed vendors.


  • Biggest supplier of Chinese language research reports to China’s ‘Bloomberg’ known as Win.d. 


  • In 2020 alone, uploaded >60,000 + copies on WIND (No. 1 in terms of quantity). Many of these reports are reposted on many domestic stockbrokers apps.


  • Founded in 1999 originally as a research and publishing firm covering China’s economy, industries and financial markets. China Knowledge has since evolved into proprietary financial analytics, ratings and alternative data providers on China's equities, bonds, mutual funds, commodities and all related segments.

Why China?

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Stockconnect opened the world to overseas Investors wanting to tap on the World’s largest economy after the US in terms of size. In 2021, China's actual use of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) hit US$173.48 billion in US dollar terms, up by 20.2 per cent year on year, according to the Ministry of Commerce. In US dollar terms, China's FDI totalled US$144.37 billion in 2020, up by 5.7 per cent.


The unique features of China’s onshore market present an unparalleled opportunity for bottom-up stock selectors to generate alpha. 


Retail investors make up 42% of the holding value of the Chinese A-shares free-float and contribute over 80% of its trading volume. This comparatively high retail participation rate is unmatched by any other major exchange.


Chinese companies, unlike their US Counterparts rely heavily on equity financing and tend to rely on bank loans and retained earnings.


The speculative nature of retail investors means this market is often moved by rumours rather than company fundamentals. These market inefficiencies often lead to very high turnover. Indices that  create opportunities for active managers with local market knowledge, a long-term investment horizon that looks through short-term volatility, and a rigorous valuation framework.


The Chinese Government’s hard handed approach in regulatory intervention has been a constant source of  concern with Investors. Big internet giants such as  the likes Alibaba and Didi amongst others have seen massive fines and depressed stock prices fluctuations. 


The market potential of the Chinese companies, coupled with their relatively low valuations as compared to their US and European counterparts present opportunities for diversification. 

Our Market Insights

Addressing the issues with the Chinese Market

Lack of transparency  

Differing standards in use between China and the West often lead to challenges in interpreting insights. To circumvent this, CK translates the information in a format that is easy to ingest with Foreign Domestic investors (FDI)s.

Lack of quality data

Extensive coverage and first hand reporting of A-share companies ensures accurate reporting and industry coverage done locally onshore.


Different Standards of accounting and assessment

Reports are presented in a manner that foreign Investors can understand with properitory recommended ratings to offer insights for analysis and consumption.


Fundamentals and technicals

Data can be delivered electronically and ingested as data sources for market intelligence and insight drawing on the power of AI / ML to derive patterns and gain insights for predictions and stock pick.

Look at Fundamentals Differently with AI and Machine Learning

Ingest market Insights into features with RoboInvestor. Leverage AI and Machine learning to pick up relevant data points from unstructured data such as news and views. China knowledge insight and reports can be ingested digitally as feeds into features that can be used to  backtest and provide predications for non biased decision making and supplement and verify the effectiveness of your investment strategy.

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