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RoboInvestor allows non-quants or finance professionals to apply machine learning to their domain knowledge to aid their investment decision strategies.

The RoboInvestor platform provides users with predictive analytics to enhance investment decisions and returns in a non bias nature, yet allowing investment managers to input their judgement based on domain experience.


Users can choose and customize the various type of performance statistics to monitor the predictions and evaluate portfolio performance

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Why RoboInvestor?

AI/ML Powered

Enables non-quants or finance professionals without coding knowledge to apply machine’s ability to crunch large datasets and presents optimized results for backtest.


Built using microservices for scalability & modularity. Platform readily adapting to business requirements.


Modular design allows customization by adding specialized / proprietary market data, unique strategies and customized machine learning algorithms.


Investment managers have full control on the models utilized and be able to input their domain knowledge for decision strategies.

Harness Alternative Datasets

Using advanced NLP techniques to derive insights from Internet news about events that may potentially drive the market.

Ease of Customization


Investment managers can monitor the change in prices over 1 Day, Week, Month and Year for the various indices that was selected.


Models in machine learning requires a set of features, defined as individual measurable properties or characteristics, to effectively train for pattern recognition. Examples would be the traded volume of a stock, the 5-day moving average of the price, or even a proprietary market sentiment indicators.


RoboInvestor allows a user to customize the features that is put into the machine learning model. By selecting an index and the features, users start the process for creating a machine learning model to predict the performance of the index.


Before, users may look at up to 30 (or whichever humanly possible) different indicators and statistics to predict the market using their intuition.


Now, users can select these different indicators in RoboInvestor and let the different machine learning models train for pattern recognition and come up with a prediction.


RoboInvestor is Uniquely Developed as a Platform to

  • Track market movements

  • View trending market news

  • Crunch data points at scale

  • Perform backtesting with machine learning algorithms

  • Reduce risk on positions

  • Blend fundamental and quantitative analysis

  • Provide predictive analytics

Scalable to Requirements

The 13 models include Logistic Regression, Stochastic Gradient Descent, K-Nearest Neighbors, Decision Trees, Gaussian Naïve Bayer and Support Vector Machines. RoboInvestor systemically allows you to alter the features to improve the prediction.


It allows users to backtest using historical data up to 20 years ago. The backtest results dashboard provides a comparison of the returns of the models as well as statistics that quantify each models’ performance.


Use Case: Predicting Nasdaq Price Direction with Technical and Fundamental Analysis



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Bugis Junction Singapore 188024

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