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We are a big data analytics advisory: allowing quants to leverage Machine Learning and their domain knowledge for unbiased investment decisions.

At Smart Solutions, our team of data science and finance trained consultants have built an AI Quant platform, RoboInvestor, that allows investment managers to incorporate their domain expertise with patterns from crunching large scale data sets into predictive investment insights.

Our team are all industry experts in their field, comprising of data scientists, big data architects, big data platform engineers, project managers, UI/UX designers, and software developers.


In our application of robo-advisory, we envision to provide a simple and convenient method of applying distinct machine learning solutions on both widely available and unique data sets of clients on a no-code required platform geared towards identifying alpha opportunities.

Instead of lots of documentation nailing down what customer wants up front, our development methodology emphasizes plenty of feedback and collaboration with users by means of their control via catalog man days consumption.

We embrace change, iterate often, design, code and test frequently; keeping the customer involved and eliminating defects early, thus reducing overall costs.



230 Victoria Street, #15-01/08, Bugis Junction Singapore 188024

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