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Data Challenges of Today 

Organizations of  today face increasing challenges to store, use and manage sensitive data across multiple platforms and systems. With data breaches on the rise, there is increased pressures from Regulators all over the world demanding stricter compliance to safeguard the interests of consumers.

In the new data economy, Global enterprises need to develop a data centric risk based mitigation strategy to protect themselves in a "Zero Trust" environment on top of the existing challenges such as 

1. Complex and disparate systems and applications that do not interoperate or integrate or talk to each other.

2. Lack of agility, playing catchup with a data economy that is growing exponentially.

3. Lack of visibility of data flowing thru different platform and sources.

"Up to 90% of current IT budgets are spent simply trying to manage internal complexities, with precious little time actually spent on data innovation that improves either productivity or the customer experience - Harvard Business Review

Introducing SecuPi

SecuPi was founded to address the need of having one data protection platform and the agility to enable companies to effectively and efficiently address ever evolving privacy and regulatory requirements without costly code-changes.

Zero Code

How does  SecuPi work?


One platform for 3 Markets
  1. Data Centric Audit & protection
  2. Data Masking
  3. User Entity Behaviour Analytics (UEBA)

Protect Data and Meet Compliance within Days

Agile and Efficient

Fine Grained Access Controls 

Dynamic Data Masking

Integrates with All

Be Compliant in 4 Steps



Auto Discover / Classify & map

sensitive data


Policy Definition & Build

Build UBA use case for monitoring / Audit & Control


Integrate & Test

Integrate with user permissions and testing of event capture


Go Live

Enforce subject rights while auditing and monitoring in real-time all personal data flows and processes.

For more information on SecuPi, visit us at

or reach out to us for local  representative in Singapore.

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