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Fintech Times Feature: Genevieve Goh’s Take On Data And Its Importance For Investment Managers!

We’ve been featured!

We are happy to share that in the 35th edition of the Fintech Times, Smart Solution’s CEO, Genevieve Goh was featured, sharing her thoughts on applying machine learning to domain knowledge. Established in the UK, the Fintech Times is the world’s first and only newspaper dedicated to fintech.

In this article, Genevieve covers how data has become one of the greatest assets in every business environment in this rapidly growing digital economy.

Here is the breakdown of some of the main themes she uncovered:

  • Incorporating Machine Learning into Investment.

  • Accuracy of Machine Learning in investment decision making

  • Future of Machine Learning backed investment decisions

This is a summary of the most crucial insights from the article. Jump right into the complete article here.

Why Incorporate Machine Learning into Investment?

Machine Learning is rapidly transforming the administration of investment strategies. A good number of investment managers have outrightly been sourcing ideas mined and synthesized through AI models.

Machine Learning automates discoveries of predictive algorithms and continuously improves during the harnessing of more data. After mining the data, these AI algorithms analyze the sourced data to provide accurate predictive results.

Genevieve shares some timeless advice on how machine learning is at the forefront of the future of investing in the article.

Going Beyond Human Error in Predictions

Machine Learning is also an essential tool in asset management. It can be leveraged to analyze a company’s historical investment methods to look for patterns that manifest these biases. Afterwards, with the use of the analytics results from AI models, individuals can take the task of double-checking investment decisions that fit into these patterns.

The algorithms can be effectively used at every investment-level of a company to maximize bias-elimination and decision-making in general.

Bringing You Closer To The Market Trends

Most, or preferably all, investments rely on market trends to thrive. Data is sourced and analyzed, with the help of complex Machine Learning Algorithms, to represent the real-world market accurately.

The analysis of the AI collected data sets can be used as a vital tool in identifying market trends and predicting a company's performance.

The Road Ahead for Machine Learning backed Investment Decisions

Machine Learning should be a tool in active investing for those at entry-level as they can use prior-collected data on these AI models. Investors can make the most out of Machine Learning as they can afford the supportive components to obtain accurate results, like data stewards and other third-party tools.

It is with no doubt that the investors who embraced these techniques will have a distinctive edge above the rest in terms of success.

Curious to dig deeper? Check out thecomplete article by Genevieve Goh in The Fintech Times.



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