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 RoboInvestor allows non-quants or finance professionals to apply machine learning to their domain knowledge to aid their investment decision strategies. 

Enables non-quants or finance professionals without coding knowledge to apply machine’s ability to crunch large datasets and presents optimised results for backtest. 

Modular design allows customisation by adding specialised/proprietary market data , unique strategies and customised machine learning algorithms. 

Investment managers have full control on the models utilized and be able to input their domain knowledge for decision strategies. 

Using advanced machine learning techniques to derive insights from alternative data sets about events that may potentially drive the market. 

Data Science & Services

The 7 Steps of Machine Learning

  • Step 1 : Gathering Data

  • Step 2 : Prepare the Data

  • Step 3 : Choosing a model

  • Step 4 : Training

  • Step 5 : Evaluation

  • Step 6 : Parameters Tuning

  • Step 7 : Prediction 

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Structure teams for Smart/Extreme Agile Development

Instead of lots of documentation nailing down what customer wants up front, our development methodology emphasizes plenty of feedback and collaboration with user by means of their control via catalog man days consumption

We embrace change, iterate often, design , code and test frequently ; keeping the customer involved and eliminate defects early , thus reducing overall costs.